Azack.Games | P2I Play to Invest

Azack.Games: Unleash the Power of Play & Invest!

Calling all gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and competitive spirits!

Azack.Games is building a revolutionary platform that merges Gaming and FinTech.

Here, you can:

  • Dive into captivating games: Explore a diverse library and master various genres. Conquer challenges, climb leaderboards, and earn rewards based on your skills.
  • Own your achievements: Elevate your gameplay with exclusive NFTs. These aren't just bragging rights; they're valuable in-game assets generating passive income over time.
  • Fuel your FinTech journey: Power your experience with our native coin, Azack Coin. Use it to buy in-game items, participate in high-stakes tournaments, trade income-generating NFTs, and unlock upcoming FinTech features.
  • Or just play the games to your liking for free and have fun. Our platform does not force you to be involved in crypto or NFTs to play our games.
  • Or do not play any of our games at all. Just be an investor through our NFTs. Stake and earn a share of profits generated by the platform and FinTech operations fueled by AI and Machine Learning.

However, those who play our games and also invest in our NFTs as Real World Assets - RWAs of our ecosystem will have the most fun and monetary gains.

Beyond Games: A True FinTech Experience

Azack.Games is not just another play-to-earn platform. We are a genuine FinTech company, seamlessly integrating finance and technology within the blockchain and crypto space.

In-house algorithms: Our core team, with extensive know-how and experience in financial markets has developed, tested, and implemented automated trading algorithms designed to generate sustainable income. We continuously refine and improve our algorithms for optimal performance.

Independent and sustainable: Our system is independent of external sources, ensuring a reliable, self-sufficient, and self-enduring operation.

Gains & Distribution: Building a Thriving Ecosystem

Azack.Games platform generates monetary gains that fuel our economic ecosystem. Our automated algorithms strategically capitalize on these gains, benefiting both players and the platform.

NFT-based income distribution: The first NFT collection will offer sustainable income based on par value, with potential for revaluation every 6 months (limited to 2 times).

Gaming platform profits: Once operational, the platform's profits will be shared with NFT holders, creating a mutually beneficial system.

Introducing the First NFT Collection:

Our inaugural NFT collection will be released in 4 rounds, with increasing rarity and pricing:

Round 1: 3,000 NFTs (USD$150 each)
Round 2: 2,000 NFTs (USD$250 each)
Round 3: 1,000 NFTs (USD$500 each)
Round 4: 666 NFTs (USD$1,000 each)

Rounds will transition seamlessly, with no time gaps in between. Please, refer to the table below for detailed information:

Invest Table

Upgradeable NFTs: Maximize Your Gains

Monthly income distribution is based on the par value (not market value) of your NFT's round. Yet, you can boost your gains by upgrading your NFT to a higher tier for a specific cost.


  • Round 1 NFT (USD$150 par value) = USD$7.50 monthly net gain
  • Upgraded Round 2 NFT (USD$250 par value) = USD$12.50 monthly net gain

Instant Gains & Delivery: Start Earning Immediately

The NFT staking platform will be operational from the moment the first NFT is minted, allowing you to trade and earn right away.

Join the Azack.Games Revolution!

We are seeking funding and investment to fuel our development for community building, crafting new games, enhancing graphics, and solidifying FinTech integrations.

Every contribution propels us closer to realizing Azack.Games' full potential.

Become a Founding Member and Shape the Future!

This is not just a pre-order; it is an exclusive opportunity to be a part of something groundbreaking. Here's what you get by backing us:

  • Founding member status: Be among the first and leave your mark on the platform's evolution. Shape its future and be part of a passionate community.
  • Exclusive rewards: Pledge your support and unlock fantastic rewards! Depending on your contribution level, you will gain early access to games, unique NFT collectibles, and even a potential share of the platform's future profits.
  • Be a gaming & FinTech pioneer: Support innovation and be at the forefront of the convergence between gaming and FinTech. Your contribution helps us bring this revolutionary concept to life.